Friday, March 31, 2006


This is S. S wants her blog back. So, for her (ok, and myself), we are back for a moment. I deleted my blog in a fit of impulsiveness, (after saving it to a CD, of course) and denounced blogging from my life forever.
There were a couple of reasons for this:
1. Blogging takes up a ton of my time, reading other blogs mostly. I might have to reduce my gigantic Bloglines list.
2. My kids are getting older and I am worried about who reads these things. What if some psycho stalker is getting the inside scoop on my kids? What if they are waiting for their bus (in three years, shut up) and someone drives up and says, "Oh, B, I know your mom. Get in." I know, I know....he/she would only be able to call them "S, or B, or Z" and my kids would be too confused to respond to that, but still....
3. I thought I would journal instead, considering the fact that my biggest (stated) reason for blogging is so my kids will be able to read it some day. So, I can journal without being on-line, right? I could use a Word Document....
That hasn't happened, at all. I guess it won't. I am not at all self-motivated. (I would link you back to my post about not being self-motivated, but I deleted my whole stinkin' blog! What was I thinking?)
4. Um, I sometimes received emails from people that seemed a little too interested in my kids and where they lived and... It is such a hard line. I know. I read blogs and begin to relate to the writer and his/her family and sincerely care about them. And yet, I try to remember that this person doesn't REALLY know me in real life (nor I him/her), except what we choose to portray (isn't that why we love writing blogs in the privacy of our own home, where if we were mean to our kid or rude to our husbands, we don't HAVE to share that part of ourselves?) I don't know. It freaks me not be able to REALLY know whose reading. I once read about these women who met on-line (I don't know if it was blogging) and one of the women went to the other women's house and killed her. Gruesomely. Maybe I would feel better if we could SEE each other. Maybe we should all invest in those webcam things....hmmmm, no.

BUT.... I can't handle it. I haven't journaled at all and it has been at least a week (or more). So, I am really just going to blog and password protect it and let people I know in real life read it. It won't be the same. There are good things about blogging to the community at large. I have enjoyed all of your comments and getting to know you all. I will miss your input....your advice....your encouragement. Thanks for reading.